Welcome to the NEW! PaloAltoPhoto web site. I hope you enjoy the new look. My daughter, Carrie, did a wonderful job on the design. I did an OK job on making it a "dynamic" site. That is a technical term for self generating code.

This section of the site contains relevent articles written by myself, and links to other websites I find interesting. For example, the third article on the right (photoshop tutorial) gives a breif tutorial of the typical workflow in Photoshop that I do on most all of my photos. Check back soon for more articles to come!

Please visit the Monitor Calibration tab to the rigth. It is important to calibrate your monitor to fully enjoy the beauty of these pictures. This calibration site allows you to do the basic calibration without any equipment. For color accuracy, you will need some equipment but this simple tutorial will provide most of the benefit and correct the most serious monitor problems