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Take the Shoreline Blvd Exit from 101 and go East past the guard gate all the way to the end where the road turns into a parking log.

Walk along the lake going clockwise. When you get to the end of the lake, turn right and walk with the bay salt ponds on your left. Don't take any of the trails to the right and you will end up back in the parking lot area. There is one decision where the trail can go right or left just before the parking lot. Go left to get back to your car or to enjoy a snack at the Cafe.

If you want to see the burrowing owls, go right and cross the pedestrian bridge. Continue until you are across from the parking lot for Michaels Restaurant and the Golf Course. You will see a small mound of dirt on your left. These mounds are home for some burrowing owls. I have seen as many as 5 at one time.